A number of extraordinary inspirations

For example, the FAQ on Iris Smyles website. I don’t even know how I came across this person; probably by following lianaflick, who is a wonderful illustrator. I adore her style and the depth behind these innocent cartoons.

Now, this will sound very random or even bizarre for most people, unless they follow horse racing. If they do, they probably noticed that a horse named Authentic won the Breeders’ Cup Classic this year.

I think it’s a good metaphor of this terrible 2020 year. Everything good that happened, was authentic. Maybe some people learned to care for each other, and to stay connected even when being responsibly distant. Thank you, people who name racehorses, for coming up with nice ideas every now and then.

Personally, I don’t ride thoroughbreds or any other sport breeds anymore; I now prefer primitive breeds well suited to natural conditions and difficult terrain. However, I still enjoy looking at thoroughbreds, because they’re beautiful, and the sport sometimes is, too. For example, when photographed by Jayne Odell:

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New Flora…

…will write to you in English, which is not her mother tongue. Not sure what about, yet. Mostly „notes to self” which would be useful to others, if only they understood…